Upside Bikestyle Apparel Posted on 20 May 11:20

Upside Bikestyle Apparel

So what is UPSIDE. In concept we are a new apparel company inspired by bicycle chic culture. What is bicycle chic you may ask? I'll tell you, okay I'll let Wikipedia tell you:

 "Cycle chic or bicycle chic refers to cycling in fashionable everyday clothes. The fashion concept developed in popular culture to include bicycles and bicycle accessories as well as clothing. The phrase Cycle Chic was coined in 2007 by Mikael Colville-Andersen, who started the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog in the same year."

So what does this have to do with our clothing line, and us, everything. It's a great idea, riding your bike around in everyday cloths, not looking like a "Tour de France entrant or a an orange vested road worker. What about making subtle changes to everyday cloths to be better adapted to riding a bike. What if you incorporate features such as water & wind resistant materials as well as cozy flexible materials such like fleece and added features such as vents to coats and jackets for extra flexibility needed when riding a bike. 

Our clothing is just not everyday but stylish fun and elegant fashion. It’s clothing you can ride on your daily commute, out with the kids, out to lunch, or wherever your two-wheeled peddled transport takes you. Our clothing has a sense of fun! Yes, fun, the F word. Lets face it, riding your bike is fun, not just practical and environmentally responsible. So why not look really good while feeling good.

Remember when you were a kid, what was better than coming home from school and hopping on your bike as soon as you got home. I would actually ride my bike home from school. If I had a bad day at school I would take the long way home or ride around for a bit and let the frustration out of a bad day. Maybe I’ll save this theme for my next blog.

Remember ride a bike everywhere and wear our cloths when you do.


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